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Workflow Scheduling Online

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Online Task Scheduling software

Calendar view of the tasks in our Online Workflow, Task Scheduling Software

AWATA's Online Workflow, Task Scheduling Software is a simple solution to combat the ordeals of monitoring various tasks assigned to the workforce by the Management. The application consists of a powerful Workflow tool which allows to create specific workflows comprising of one or more inter-related tasks with the ability to assign to one or more employees.

The Dashboard provides ready information about outstanding tasks and has an in-built alert mechanism to caution about overdue tasks. The information can be viewed either in a simple list format or a calendar format with tasks grouped against individual dates.

AWATA's Workflow, Task scheduling software application is capable of predefining a whole range of Workflows applicable to several operations which serves as an able efficiency measurement tool. The module has been designed and developed keeping in view of a variety of analytical reports and graphic representations which just might be the solution for performance oriented industries.